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This is a fun page for people that like to listen to podcasts, read news stories and download pictures. According to data from Statista, “over 82 million people listened to podcasts in 2021″ and they say that number will rise to “over 100 million listeners in 2024.”

That doesn’t mean that people are turning away from old-fashioned news though. According to Insider Intelligence “U.S. adults spent 13 hours and 11 minutes … per day with media in 2022.” I have to admit that I like watching the news. I also like sharing photos and with the success of Instagram, I’m not alone. According to Semrush, “Instagram is one of the world’s top 10 most-visited websites globally.”

So, I hope you enjoy these podcasts, news stories, book reviews and fun pictures that you can download.

News Stories, Podcasts & Book Reviews

Westchester & Fairfield County Business Journals published a story about my journey from being a full-time journalist to becoming a cozy mystery writer. Read the article HERE


I was a special guest on the Nutmeg Chatter Podcast. This podcast is 100% dedicated to spotlighting arts and culture. You can listen to the conversation HERE


Outstanding Creators reviewed the audiobook version of I Saw What I Saw. They said, “There are so many great twists and turns. Futhermore, you’re fully invested in Sheila and company resolving this murder… We’re excited for the sequels!” Read the whole audiobook review HERE


Literary Titan loved I Saw What I Saw. They called it “a riveting mystery.” Read the whole book review HERE


Distinguished Cozy Mystery Awards gave I Saw What I Saw high marks. They said, “Once I was done with the novel, I felt like I had watched a good Netflix movie, and it gave me a warm cozy feeling, which I love.” Read the whole book review HERE


Oustanding Creators had so much fun reading I Saw What I Saw. They said, “The mystery, intrigue, and slapstick humor on this book really carries it. We couldn’t wait to solve the mystery!” Read the whole book review HERE

Here Are Some High-Resolution Pictures Of Me & My Book Covers That You Can Download …