Every writer has a schedule for writing. It differs from writer to writer. For example, some writers write the same time every day while others write every other day or even less frequently. Further, some writers write for many hours a day while others don’t schedule their writing time as precisely. So, right about now if you are a writer you are probably asking: What schedule should I use? The answer to this tough question is: Do what works best for you.

Some writers need a schedule and they need a set time to write, while others are more free flowing. For me, I like having a schedule. I am a journalist so I like having a deadline to work toward. Like everyone, sometimes I fall short. Life happens. However, having a schedule and a goal to work toward is very helpful to me personally. Maybe you are different, and that’s fine too.

So, what’s the point here? Regardless of how you write, please write.

So, what’s the point here? Regardless of how you write, please write. Don’t give up. Don’t stop expressing yourself using this powerful art form. The world needs good writers.

Our craft matters. In college I was a double English and History major.  I love history!  If you think about it great writing has reshaped  the course of countries.  Where would we be without our Constitution or The Bill of Rights?  These great works of writing define our country and have stood the test of time.  When you really think about it writing has the power to move people to action. Simply put: It’s important!